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  1. To Read Messages, select the Board and ENTER.
  2. After selecting the Board, you can post a new message OR select a message & reply.
  3. To Post a Message or Post a Reply, you need to Logon to the System.
  4. If you haven't logged on before, you must Register for an Account first.
  5. Registration is FREE.
  6. To register, follow 1. and 2. (above), then select Register for an Account.
  7. Once you receive e-mail with logon information, you're ready to post!
  8. Any problems? Contact "".

NOTES:  Visitors are encouraged to use common sense when posting messages and to never post any personal telephone numbers or addresses. The BMIFC and the BarryNet will not be held liable for any messages posted, and reserves the right to remove any messages containing profanity, vulgarity, self-promotion and any material containing what is deemed inappropriate OR non-relevant, as determined by the Manilow organization and/or message board visitors.

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