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Announcement, March 2019

Happy 42nd Anniversary, Beagle-Bagels: March 7th, 2019

Announcement, March 2018

Happy 41st Anniversary, Beagle-Bagels: March 7th, 2018

Mani-love to ALL!
Stephie, Gina and Rosie

40th Anniversary Flashback: March 7th, 2017

...and for the good times yet to come!

"They're 'Copabananas' for Barry 'Even Now,' after 31 years, Sterling Heights-based Manilow fan club still strong" by Debra Kaszubski, Contributing Writer

Is there something about Barry Manilow that you want to know? Wondering if there really was a Mandy? Who shot who at the Copacabana? Forget about the Internet or even Manilow's official fan club. The source for everything Manilow lives in Macomb County and her name is Rosie Cowan. Cowan, of Sterling Heights, is vice president of the Beagle-Bagels, the oldest Manilow fan club. The club, which will celebrate its 31st anniversary March 7, 2008, was named after Manilow's pet beagle, named Bagel. Cowan has created and stores the fan club's 29 large scrapbooks filed with song lyrics, poems, newspaper clippings and a lot of Manilow photos. She has even used the phrase "Mani-hi" to greet people. Still, Cowan doesn't like to be called a "Fanilow." "I'd rather we be called his friends," Cowan said.

Judging from Cowan's many encounters with Manilow himself, it's safe to assume they really may be friends. Cowan, along with Stephie-Hill-Ross, the club's president, and Regina Moore, co-vice president, have met Manilow many times while following him on tour or during his local stops in the Detroit area. They used to decorate Manilow's dressing room using different themes, and one time, they placed notes on Manilow's toilet seat, in his shower and all throughout his backstage dressing room requesting that he call Hill-Ross on stage for a duet. Their scheme worked and Hill-Ross sang "I Can't Smile Without You" with her idol, whom she has loved since she was a child living in Detroit.

Cowan, a writer of poetry and short stories, has sent Manilow her work for several years. When she first met Manilow, she was thrilled to learn he had read her writings. "You must be the famous Rosie," Cowan recalled Manilow saying when the two first met. Hill-Ross is a gifted graphic artist who has perfected Manilow's significant profile. Manilow himself has recognized the Beagle-Bagels on many occasions; he has sent the ladies flowers several times, and he even sent a bouquet of 50 roses to mark the club's fifth anniversary. Cowan, Hill-Ross and Moore could go on for hours sharing stories of their encounters with Manilow, their views on whether or not he has had plastic surgery and even his most recent career resurgence. Cowan was especially thrilled to see Barry perform on "Dancing with the Stars."

While the ladies wish for a new CD (Cowan speculates an original might be on the horizon), they continue to attend Manilow's performances and were very excited about his Dec. 15 stop at The Palace. Although they were not able to decorate his backstage dressing room, as they had done years before, they were still very excited to see his show--his first in Detroit since 2004. "Anytime Barry comes, we will be there, even if we are sitting in the nosebleed section!" Hill-Ross said, "Barry is our man and we will always be there to support him."

The club has certainly done a lot to support Manilow. Besides collecting a massive amount of memorabilia, producing a paper, and then an electronic newsletter called "Beezer Speaks" (Beezer refers to Manilow's nose), and helping to organize Manilow conventions, the ladies do plenty of charity work in Manilow's name. According to their website, they have sponsored 50 charity events and raised more than $150,000 to help those in need. They've assisted 20 charities, from the American Cancer Society to UNICEF. In 2007, they decided to raise funds for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Despite all the charity work and stacks of memorabilia, Manilow and his music are still the bread and butter of the fan club, and the 60-something superstar will always hold a place in their hearts. "Barry just turns me inside out and leaves me gasping for more," Cowan said. "He is a fantastic person, a true gentleman and a great philosopher. What's not to love about such a wonderful man?"

The Beagle-Bagels

March 7th, 2007

The Beagle Bagels'

[ Detroit Free Press ]

Gratitude is the Attitude!

Mani-hi! from Rosie Cowan...
... and Lo, on March 7, 1977... 30 years ago...
Stephie, Gina & Rosie knew we were heaven-blessed
We never let go of the dreams in our minds.
Barry's "Beautiful Music" would play...
We'd listen to what each other would say...
And we Beagle-Bagels knew this was our time!

We knew what good we could do & be...
Who saw the need & reason for sanction? BMIFC! :)
Trusting & laughing, seeing concerts together...
This was more than fans loving "Barry, the Star"
So we planned each step... traveling near and far.

And when we heard Barry's words about passion...
Sparking Stephie's artwork & fashion...
Affirming Gina's editing and dancin'
Inspiring Rosie's "Barry-books" stories & poems...
That's when Stephie, Gina & Rosie made a decision.
"Gotta get a club going for everyone!"

We dutifully published issues of "Beezer Speaks"
Enjoyed all-night parties... pen-pal'd all over the world... talked hours by phone
We felt like we were in a "spacial" place
Dedicated to Barry & all... and, we never felt alone.

And when we heard about hurtin' and healin'
We held over 50 charity events & raised funds
To help and give hope to people in need...
Over $150,000 dolla'... (Holla!:)
in Barry's honor... proudly, indeed!

Beautiful friends became more than just members
We shared our deepest feelings, hugs & mem'ries too...
Realizing what lots o' believin' could do--the longest-running club ever
Beagle-Bagels knew it just had to be true!

Barry, his beautiful music and philosophy...
Keeps bringing to our lives such diversified fun!
So Happy 30th Beagle-Bagel Anniversary!
And Mani-love to each and every one!

"We can't know where we're going until we know where we've been..."

A Look Back: Beagle Bagels - Historic Events

1977Beagle Bagels started from out of Steph's grandparents' home in Detroit , MI after the airing of the First Barry Manilow Special.
1978Beagle Bagels get a major plug on WNIC-FM and CKLW-AM Radio and Stephie meets Regina Moore, Joan Stevenson and Rosie Cowan as a result.
Beagle Bagels go on a radio station tour of WNIC-FM.
First Beagle Bagel party at Rosie's house.
First Barry Manilow concert at Pine Knob, Clarkston , MI.
The "Beezer Speaks, a quarterly newsletter is born with Regina as the Editor, Rosie as the publisher-treasurer and Stephie as the Art Director. The newsletter was the first of its kind with an original comic strip called "Captain Starrider and his Asterettes", loosely based on Barry in outer space.

The girl group "Triple Platinum" was also formed and composed of Regina, Joan & Stephie during this time as we started our costumes derived from t-shirts and plastic trash bag skirts ( Where's the "Runway" when we needed it!). The costumes were soon to be upgraded to Pink-dyed capes and leotards...
1979Beagle Bagels raided local radio station WNIC-FM on a Sunday afternoon to get up front and personal interviews of the on air disc jockeys for future newsletter issues. The Beagle Bagels also had members do multiple call in to both WNIC & CKLW request lines to get Barry's songs played and make the weekly top ten play lists on both stations.
1980Beagle Bagels get an official plug in an early issue of the BMIFC (pre-Barry Gram days) national newsletter in California. This resulted in a large surge in membership and more parties at Rosie's and other locations.
Beagle Bagels make their first of many videos for Barry at the home of Rosie Cowan, complete with costume changes, scripts and whatever else we could find at the time. It was a "Make it Work" situation.
Beagle Bagels begin to travel the country and the globe to see concerts in other venues. Our first trip was in May of 1980 to see Barry in Atlantic City , NJ during his casino tour at the Resorts International Hotel. In November of 1980, we then traveled to see Barry's concert in Toronto at the Maple-Leaf Gardens.
1981Beagle Bagels attend MI concerts at Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI & Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI. The Beagle-Bagels meet Barry for the first time at Joe Louis Arena on October 2, 1981.

1982Beagle Bagels celebrate their 5th anniversary March 2, 1982, with a special surprise: Barry wires 5 dozen red roses along with a large magnum of "Moet & Chandon" champagne. The card enclosed said: "Happy Anniversary - Love Barry"

In June of 1982, the Beagle Bagels go on-live with local disc jockey Dave Prinze of 95.5-FM who was chosen to interview Barry in a special CBS radio show entitled, "Live-Coast-to-Coast".
In October of 1982, the Beagle-Bagels travel to Cincinnati to Barry's concert at Riverfront Arena. The Beagle Bagels meet Barry at the local airport and are also interviewed by a local news station at the scene.
1983In June 1983, Rosie Cowan, Co-VP of the Beagle-Bagels was chosen by Barry's management to be the chairperson of the BMIFC's First International Fan Club Convention held in Chicago, Illinois. Stephie was chosen by Barry to produce and stage a fashion show for Barry's tour merchandise. Stephie, Gina & Joan were chosen to provide the musical entertainment for the convention as their girl group "Triple Platinum".

Over 1400 people attended the convention along with media coverage from "Entertainment Tonight". The Beagle Bagels were awarded "Most Outstanding Club" and another award for "Best Newsletter".
1984The Beagle-Bagels are interviewed for a video for Barry by local television personality, Ron Kruman.
The Beagle-Bagels attend a local taping in the audience of local talk show, "Kelly & Company". Later that day, the Beagle Bagels attended Barry's concert at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor, MI, where another meeting with Barry took place.
1985The Beagle Bagels travel to Toronto Canada for convention #3. Rosie is interviewed on CBET television and Steph, Regina & Joan once again provide the entertainment as "Triple Platinum".
The Beagle Bagels were now obtaining global exposure and membership was 200+. This was a major accomplishment for a local level fan club.
Triple Platinum performs as part of the local segment of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, Southfield, MI.
At the Downtown Detroit branch of the Detroit Public Library, Stephie displays Barry memorabilia as part of a series of fan memorabilia of other musicians. The display photos wound up in the 1985 Barry Manilow Tour book.
The Beagle-Bagels do their first of many dressing room decorations for Barry every time he returned to MI to perform until 2001.
1986Beagle Bagels tour Ambience Sound Studios in Farmington Hills, MI. It was here that Barry recorded portions of the RCA "Barry Manilow" album. An anniversary party soon followed on the "Star of Detroit" yacht in downtown Detroit.
1987The Beagle Bagels packed canned goods for the hungry at the Capuchin Kitchen in Detroit.
Beagle-Bagels celebrate their 10th anniversary and travel to Washington DC for another convention. Wally Bizon was chosen by Barry's management to do a video-documentary of the event. Stephie, Rosie and other members were the roving reporters. "The Righteous Sisters" (Regina & Stephie) performed as part of the entertainment.
In October of 1987, the Beagle Bagels travel to Chicago to see Barry at his book signing tour for his autobiography, "Sweet Life".

Stephie, Regina & Rosie were asked to take photos with Barry upon the podium in the Crock and Brettano book store.

The Beagle Bagels travel to Battle Creek, MI, to see Barry and also decorate the dressing rooms - the theme: "Cereal-ously".
In November, Rosie & Wally Bizon travel to England to see Barry in a series of shows.
1988The Beagle Bagels decorate the dressing rooms at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. The theme: "Fish". On the last night of the 3-night stop, Stephie is picked by Barry from the audience to sing "Can't Smile Without You."

The Beagle Bagels meet with Barry after the show.
1989The Beagle Bagels travel to St. Paul/Minneapolis to see Barry perform at the Ordway Concert House for a local Minnesota charity event.

The Righteous Sisters record a spoof record of some of Barry's hits with Wally Bizon called "The Righteous Sisters Sing Barry Manilow's Greatest -hits".
1990Along with raising money for the local COTS shelter, the Beagle Bagels also partake in raising money and awareness for AIDS in the Metro Detroit area.
1992The Beagle Bagels go on live television working the pledge phones at PBS-Detroit in lieu of the Barry Manilow concert special. The Beagle Bagels celebrate their 15th Anniversary!

1992The Beagle Bagels also attend a weekend convention in Chicago.

1997The Beagle Bagels celebrate their 20th anniversary. A party was thrown at the Sterling Inn, Sterling Heights, MI.

Barry provided lots of autographed memorabilia that was auctioned off with proceeds going to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Center for Breast Cancer.
The Beagle Bagels also raise money for The Wireless Foundation. This foundation provides reconditioned cell phones for abused women in transit for emergency purposes.
2001The Beagle Bagels raise money for VMAT (Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams) that provided the rescue dogs that worked with the rescue workers and the International Association of Fire Fighters at Ground Zero on 9/11.
2005The Beagle Bagels donate money to the victims/evacuees of Hurricane Katrina via the Manilow Fund for Health and Hope.
2006The Beagle Bagels work the pledge phones at local Detroit PBS station, WTVS (Channel 56), during the March 9th presentation of "Manilow: Music and Passion" special.

2006The Beagle Bagels attended a show of a local production of "Copacabana" performed by the Southfield Lathrup High School players. (March 31)
Rosie with
Dance Instructor/Choreographer,
Stephie with Stephanie
2006The Beagle Bagels raise money for the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.
2007The Beagle Bagels celebrate their 30th anniversary ... the future is in the stars!

Some Organizations We've Helped
during the Past 30 Years

AIDS Research Fund
  • Beagle-Bagels twice provided gifts, goodies, and good will for holiday party afterglow for "People Who Care About People with AIDS" through the auspices of The Detroit Ecumenical Council of Churches all-inclusive worship services

American Cancer Society

  • Beagle-Bagels raised funds for the fight against breast cancer
  • Beagle-Bagels provided funds for the making of turbans for women going through chemotherapy

American Foundation for the Blind, Inc.

  • Beagle-Bagels donation helped provide education, recordings, books, seeing-eye dogs and services to people with diseases of the eye

American Heart Association, Inc. (also known as American Heart Assoc. & The Heart Association)

  • Funds raised in memory of "Mad Man Mickey" - Bob Kief
  • Donation helped provide education to reduce death and disability from heart diseases and stroke

American Red Cross

Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America

  • Donation helped provide professionally-supported educational relationships of caring adults mentoring children and youth in play and athletics

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

  • Donation helped provide centers for young people to receive leadership training to realize their full potential

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • Donation helped provide research development program centers and improves quality of life for those who have the disease

Detroit Children's Hospital

  • Donation helped provide care for pediatric patients' life-threatening diseases

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

  • Donation helped provide 86 people, with a hot holiday-time dinner for men, women and children

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Detroit Public Broadcasting Station

  • Beagle-Bagels twice provided people to answer phones during fund-raising telethons

"Do Something Different" Project

  • Beagle-Bagels provided a Halloween party for residents of Cherrywood Nursing Home, St. Hts.

Foundation for AIDS Research (also known as AIDS Research Fnd., amFAR, Am. Fnd. for AIDS Research)

  • Donation helped provide research projects to prevent HIV infection... protects human rights of people threatened by HIV/AIDS

Kidney Foundation

  • Donation helped provide community education and treatment for patients with kidney diseases

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (also known as The Leukemia Society of America)

  • Donation helped provide prevention and treatment and helps patients and their families

Macomb County Food Bank (in conjunction with St. Ephram's Catholic Church)

  • Donation helped provide food and financial support for families in need
  • Beagle-Bagels brought in over 60 cans of food the night we viewed the film "Comedian Harmonists"

Muscular Dystrophy Association

  • Donation helped provide worldwide research to find the causes and effective treatments for 40 neuromuscular diseases

Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation (also known as Starlight Children's Foundation)

  • Donation helped provide imaginative programs for children and their families going through serious illness

Teddy Bear Project

  • Beagle-Bagels provided stuffed animals to help calm frightened children
  • Troy Wm. Beaumont Hospital & Sterling Heights Firefighters

Tote Bags for Children Project

  • Beagle-Bagels provided funds to purchase tote bags for children who needed to be moved from their own homes for their own protection,
  • children sometimes don't have anything in which to carry their pajamas, clothing and toys, but in a trash bag
  • this project helped the self-esteem and feelings of self-worth of the children moved to state & county-provided places of residence

Turning Point

  • Donation helped provide support, beds & protective shelter for short-term emergency care of battered women and their children
  • Beagle-Bagels collected & distributed women's and children's necessities

UMCOR (in conjunction with Sterling Hts. United Methodist Church)

  • Donation helped provided on-site help in our state and all over the world: water, food, blankets, medical help during times of emergency
  • Beagle-Bagels participated in a fund-raiser "walk-a-thon"

United States Fund for UNICEF (also known as US Fund for UNICEF)

  • Provides support for health, education and welfare of children in need throughout the world
  • Beagle-Bagels asked door-to-door for donations placed in orange UNICEF cartons at Halloween

The Beagle-Bagels

Beaumont Cancer Treatment Center

Beaumont Hospitals
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Manilow Fund for Health & Hope

New York Firefighters
9-11 Disaster Relief Fund

American Veterinary
Medical Association's

The Beagle-Bagels


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