Barry’s Exeter Friends, which has been in existence since 1985,
is one of the few local fan clubs in the UK which are
officially recognised by the BMIFC.

Barry appeared in concert at Westpoint, Exeter on 16 April 1993 and we decorated his dressing room!

Copacabana had its World Premiere in Plymouth, Devon in March 1994 (just 45 miles down the road) and we were there!

One of our members, Lauraine Dobson, was a “Can’t Smile Without You” Girl at Bournemouth on 28 November 1988!

The majority of our members are from the local area (Exeter is in the South West of England), with a few others located around the UK. With effect from 1 January 2006, we changed from a formal club to an informal network which keeps in touch mainly by email – we email to those on our mailing list any significant news about Barry, e.g., CD or DVD releases, TV/radio appearances in the UK and any forthcoming concerts in the UK. We also arrange activities from time to time such as meals and theatre visits.

We have made regular donations to local charities in recent years, choosing a different one each time so that we can bring benefit to our local community in Barry's name. Those which have received donations from Barry’s Exeter Friends in recent years include:

To join Barry’s Exeter Friends, please contact Hilary at

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